Aircraft GSE

Aircrafts spend a very large amount of their time on the terminal of the airport and the passengers require some services while they are waiting for their flight to take off. The services provided while the passengers wait are called Aircraft GSE. These services are either provided independently by the airline or they are provided through contracts with other airlines to avoid spending too much money on setting up a whole maintenance company for the airline. The ground support equipment includes everything from basic necessities to full on luxuries such as water, electricity, magazines, pillows, blankets etc. An aircraft is many times judged by its services and ground support equipment.

Types of Aircraft GSE (Ground Support Equipment)

There are two types of ground support equipment:

Non Powered Equipment

  • Dollies: Dollies are used to transport the loose baggage from the terminal to the cargo of the airline. It is almost like a trolley with a brake to carry the luggage.
  • Chocks: Chocks are the equipment that are used to hold the plane in it place while it is on its terminal or in the hangar.
  • Aircraft Tripod Jack: When the passengers get off from the plane its tail gets heavy, the aircraft tripod jack is used to hold its tail in place not to let it hang off.
  • Aircraft Service Stairs: These service stairs help the maintenance staff to get to the bottom of the plane.
Powered Equipment

  • Refuelers: it can either be a self contained truck or a cart. It is used to fill up the aircraft with fuel before or during its flight.
  • Tugs and Tractors: They are a very important part of Aircraft GSE. They are used to transport all the material wherever it is required.
  • Ground Power Units: It is a vehicle that supplies power to the standing aircraft mainly electrical power.
  • Buses: buses are used to transport people from their terminals to the aircraft.
  • Container Loader: aircrafts carry containers or other heavy items in their cargo and these container loaders are used to carry them from cargo to their terminals.
  • Transporter: Transporters are mainly used to carry the cargo to the terminals.
  • Portable Water Trucks: They are responsible for delivering quality and purified water to the aircrafts.
  • Lavatory Service Vehicle: The Lavatory service Vehicle is responsible for emptying and cleaning out the lavatories in the aircraft.

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